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To post a rental vacancy, please call the Office of Residence Life at 415-422-6824. There is no charge for listing with us. Thank you.

The listings provided through this service are provided solely for your convenience and information. The University makes no representations or guarantees regarding the housing listed or the owners, managers, or agents of any property, nor does the University investigate any of these listings. In addition, the University accepts no responsibility for any events arising out of the use of this information.

Please note that this listing service is free for the landlord and potential tenant. USF and the Office of Residence Life do not recommend or endorse any specific units, nor do they take responsibility for any financial agreements, conditions of properties, or landlord-tenant contracts. The Office of Residence Life offers off-campus housing services to all University of San Francisco students. If you would like additional information on renting in San Francisco, please do not hesitate to call Office of Residence Life, 140 Phelan Hall. He can be reached at 415-422-6824, or by email, You can also contact James Wade, Graduate Assistant

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