Off-Campus Jobs

On-Campus Count: 37 Off-Campus Count: 10

Position Salary Department Date
Office Reception, Hospitality Support $13/hour Wikimedia Foundation 08/20
Intern $12/hour First Graduate 08/14
Tutor Families and Youth in Transition Tutor 10.74/hr Learning and Writing Center 08/12
Tutor Coordinator $20/hour College Track 08/11
College Preparedness Plan Case Manager (CPPCM) $16-$20/ hour depending on experience College Track 08/11
Tutor America Reads Tutor $11.00 per hour Learning and Writing Center 08/07
Literacy Intervention Tutor $12/hour Reading Partners 08/05
Development Work Study Student 12.75/hour NatureBridge 08/05
Advisory Leader (AL) $15/hour College Track 08/05
Academic Tutor OR Study Group Leader Academic Tutors: $13-16/hour depending on experience College Track 08/05