On-Campus Jobs

On-Campus Count: 33 Off-Campus Count: 14

Position Salary Department Date
Tutor America Reads Tutor $12.25 (starting and Work Study ONLY) Learning & Writing Center 09/02
Student Research Assistant $13.76 Professor: Dr. Matthew J. Monnot,Organization, Leadership, and Communication School of Management 09/01
Student Worker Special Events Intern 13.00 Development 08/28
Study Hall Coordinator - Academic Support 12.25 Athletics 08/26
Student Assistant II $12.25 per hour CASA and the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office 08/25
Tutor Academic English Support Tutor (International Graduate students only) $14/hr The Learning & Writing Center 08/24
Conversation Group Leader Positions Fall 2015 $12.25/hour Center for Asia Pacific Studies 08/24
Research Assistant $13.76 per hour School of Management 08/24
Teaching Assistant $12.25 per hour School of Management 08/24
Student Assistant V Office of Alumni Engagement Student Assistant Starting at $13.00 -15.00 per hour, Depending on Experience Office of Alumni Engagement 08/24
Staff Assistant Student Research Assistant $13.76 Dr. Richard W. Stackman 08/22
Staff Assistant JMI Student Research Assistant $13.76 Dr Richard W. Stackman, School of Management 08/22
Student Technician $12.25 ITS 08/20
Student Assistant I Video Production 12.25 Athletics Department 08/20
Provost Office Student Assistant 12.25/hr Office of the Provost 08/20
Student Worker Student Housing Community Assistant (CA) $12.50-$13.50 Student Housing and Residential Education 08/19
Web Assistant $12.25 per hour College of Arts and Sciences - Web Development and Strategy Manager 08/19
Student Life Student Assistant (UC 5th Floor) 12.25/hr Division of Student Life 08/19
Tutor Peer Tutor 12.25 Modern and Classical Languages Department 08/19
Tutor Conversation Tutor 12.25 Modern and Classical Languages Department 08/19
Undergraduate Student Intern $12.25 Center for Asia Pacific Studies 08/18
Tutor FYIT Tutor in Learning and Writing Center $12.25/hr Learning and Writing Center 08/18
Tutor America Reads Tutor $12.25 (starting) Learning & Writing Center 08/17
Technician Faculty Technology Consultant $12.50 per hour Center for Instruction and Technology 08/14
Student Worker Multimedia (photo/video) Production 12.50 Office of Marketing Communications 08/13
Student Fundraiser 12.25 + Bonuses Ruffalo Noel Levitz/Annaul and Special Giving 08/13
Student Assistant I TPA/Tech Student Worker $12.25 Deanís Office, School of Education 08/11
Student Assistant I Telecom Student Technician 12.25 Information Technology Services 08/10
Teaching Assistant $12.25 Professor Linda Henderson, Associate Professor & Chair Department of Organization, Leadership & Communication 08/10
Student Research Assistant $13.76 Professor Sonja Poole 08/10
Student Worker Web Assistant $12.50+ per hour based on experience Web Communications & Services 08/06
Web Assistant 13.25 Enrollment Management 08/06
Social Media Intern $12.25/hour and up based on experience Office of Marketing Communication 08/03